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Obama Acts to Aid Small Businesses | New York Times

Obama Acts to Aid Small Businesses | New York Times

The Obama administration said on Monday that it would try to ease a credit squeeze afflicting small businesses by buying up to $15 billion of securities that are linked to small-business loans.

Deals Via Thiel – February 2009

Deals via Thiel – February 2009

An occasional compilation of deals looking for dealmakers in Southern California.
To be make an inquiry about any item, write or call me at 949-742-1039. This is an informal, complimentary service to friends and contacts of Paul Thiel, who is acting solely as an connector. Thiel makes no claims about the veracity of any item or the principals involved, and has no financial stake in any matchmaking.

If you have items you would like included next time, please email or call Paul at 949-742-1039. Inquiries are ALWAYS routed back through the person who submitted the item.

MONEY NEEDED: A San Diego-based company has secured prime time distribution for a national television show featuring collectibles, and has produced five segments out of 21 needed to launch. With some similarities to a current hit, this show will also promote a retail hospitality concept and a licensing business. Seeking about $10 million.

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The Cash-Strapped Turn to Barter | The New York Times – Featuring Ken Lineberger

The Cash-Strapped Turn to Barter | The New York Times – Featuring Ken Lineberger

Check out this article about ITEX featuring WBP client Ken Lineberger of the Wine Tailor (includes a nice picture of Ken). Read Article