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A career you can NEVER be laid off from
You choose when and how you work
Your income is limited only by your imagination

What Should I Start?
Figure out what business is right for you. Learn More
How Much Will I Make?
Know if your business can support the lifestyle you want and help you determine how to fund.
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Create My Business Plan
A step by step guide for writing a killer business plan, including templates and models.
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I am Ready to Start a Business !

Tired of the rat race? As the economy continues to lose jobs, an important option to consider is business ownership. As an owner, you have control over what you sell, who you sell it to and how and when you get paid. You can’t be laid off from your own business. You don’t have to sit back and worry while others fail to get the job done. You have control.

Many people are not sure what kind of business they should start; and that’s okay. We’ve designed e2eNOW to help you figure it out.

What Business Should I Choose?

e2eNOW gives you information that helps you make an informed decision on what business is right for you. You will know, ahead of time, the benefits of the business you are starting so you can move forward with confidence.
The program takes into account your strengths and the potential challenges you could face pursuing business ownership. It also uncovers personal preferences that should be considered as you select your new business. e2eNOW does this through a self inventory that provides valuable insights.

Thinking of a franchise?

e2eNOW gives you clear details on what’s attractive about purchasing and running a franchise along with the drawbacks. It tells you what the franchisor expects of you and what you should expect from the franchisor. Get grounded on various aspects of franchises before you sign that agreement.

One thing most people don’t realize about franchises is, while they give you a ready made system, they don’t give you a business plan specific to your area. Most franchise business projections are “generalized” and aren’t accurate to your situation. You still need a business plan to make sure you will be profitable.

What if I’m Considering Purchasing an Existing Business?

Maybe you’ve already found the business you want to run, and it’s for sale. Now other questions enter the picture:

  • Is the business listed at a fair price?
  • How much income will the business provide?
  • How can I ensure key employees stay after the sale of the business?
  • What should I look for during due diligence?
  • How can I look under the covers to be sure this is the right business for me?

e2eNOW helps you find the answer to these questions and more as it discusses purchasing an on-going concern. Whether you use a business broker or decide to go it alone, this information will be valuable to you.

I Have a Great Idea, so I’m Starting my Business from Scratch!

The lifestyle options open to you as the owner of a business are unparalleled. Depending on the type of business you choose, you can decide the amount of money you make, the number of hours you work and where your business is located.

Tired of travel? You can switch to a business that keeps you close to home. Have a nagging feeling that you aren’t doing the work you were meant to do? Module 1 of e2eNOW will get you well down the road to knowing the answer to the most important question there is, ‘What do I want?’

e2eNOW includes a special visualization section so you can imagine your new business into reality. Keeping a journal, clustering and other techniques are discussed. We also give you a technique that will provide answers to your questions with little or no effort on your part.

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How Much Money Will I Earn?

The majority of businesses fail because they do not have enough cash to reach breakeven. You may have a great idea, you may even have a few loyal customers, but without sufficient cash, you will fail. If you don’t have cash you will crash.

Before you head off into the world of business ownership, wouldn’t it be cool if you could have a reasonable idea of what your business will make?

How about if you could understand the types of funding you should seek? Or whether a non-profit is a good idea for you? What if you could have an idea, before you even started, whether you should incorporate and what type of corporation you should pick? Module 2 has those answers for you.

The How Much Will I Earn? module is designed to help you understand:

If your business will make enough money for you to meet your financial goals

The advantages of a non-profit and the misconceptions surrounding them

How grant funding works and what’s required after you get the money

The various ways to acquire capital for your business including grants and SBA loans

The advantages and disadvantages of the various structures available for your business

Knowing if your business has the capacity to reach your goals is key in making the decision to go forward.

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Create My Business Plan

Half of all businesses fail in the first year! Don’t be one!

There is no substitute for a good business plan. A good business plan will help you visualize your business clearly and identify the rewards and risks before you’ve committed time and treasure. In our experience of working with hundreds of businesses, the ones with business plans that took the planning process seriously had fewer problems at start up and much lower stress levels.

Unless you have your own funding, you will need a business plan to convince a bank or investor to provide capital to you. Further, many commercial real estate property management firms require a business plan to consider you for a property lease. A good plan will crystallize your thoughts about your business and make it much easier to market to your customers and explain your business to potential business partners.

You should complete a full business plan, whether or not you are seeking funding so you can assess the risks and benefits of your business idea. When this module is complete, you will have a finished business plan that you can use to make your business a reality.

In this module, you make preliminary decisions at each step. Since each step remains open to you, you can return to the previous step and adjust your choices as new information or ideas occur to you.

Business Plan Overview: This section contains a thorough discussion of all the parts and tactics for you to use in completing the business plan.

Operational Design: You determine the details of your business model and how it will make money.

Financial Models: Here you will create your financial projections. You will continue to adjust these throughout the creation of your business plan but it is important that you begin to establish the projections early so you can change your business model, if needed, before you are emotionally and financially committed to it.

Industry Research: In this section you determine your NAICS code which is used by banks and the government to classify your industry and compare your performance. You will research the local, state and national trends for your industry as well as the legal environment it operates in.

Customer Identification: Having determined what you are selling, how you will sell it, how much money it could make and the state of the industry you are opening in, you now focus on who will purchase your product or service. This section will take you through the demographic and psychographic qualities of your customer allowing you to target them more accurately when you develop your marketing plan.

Marketing: Taking the information developed in the previous sections you will create a marketing schedule and budget. You select sales goals and a strategy and then move on to selecting the appropriate tactics to realize them.

Organization Plan: The details of the types of employees, their job descriptions, how much you will pay them and the personnel structure of your organization are described here.

Executive Summary: The most important section of your business plan is left for last. The executive summary is the hook of the business plan and must grab the attention of the person reading the document. In this step, we provide guidance on how to write a memorable hook and things to avoid when writing the executive summary.

Document Assembly: In this last stage you pull together the document along with any illustrations/diagrams/photos and a complete table of contents.


Your subscription gives you access to the e2eNOW forum. Not only will you be able to share with others, learn about changes and additions to the program, but you will also be able to have questions answered by e2eNOW staff, who have decades of business experience. This feature alone is worth the cost of a subscription to e2eNOW!

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Advice and Accountability

Making sure you stay on course and get your questions answered

Charting your future and figuring it all out by writing a business plan can be a daunting task. You will have questions to which the answers are not readily apparent. Things can fall through the cracks. Tasks you meant to do, because you’re on your own with limited support, can get lost.

That’s why we offer Advice and Accountability. We understand that it’s difficult to make the transition from working for someone to working for yourself. To ease this transition, we step in to help you meet your goals and to provide the information you need.

Advice and Accountability consists of telephone and internet based support, available when you need it. It is expert, one on one support from our team whom have written hundreds of business plans across dozens of industries. When you enroll in Advice and Accountability:

    • We jointly develop a timeline for the creation of your business plan
    • We have weekly status calls where we help you clear any obstacles that are holding you back
    • You can use the balance of the time however you wish. You can ask questions, have us perform research or review and edit your plan.

Space in this program is limited.Advice and Accountability packages include access to all e2eNOW modules for three months.

Call 800-741-8444 for more details.

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