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Apple’s New iPhone Ad Shows You More Incredible Ways You’ll Never Use Your iPhone | Adweek

Apple’s new ad for the iPhone 5S is called “Dreams,” though it might have been called “In Your Dreams.

“Like other recent iPhone spots and iPad spots, for that matter, it shows people using the device in pretty amazing ways—to measure wind speed, to plot the course of an airplane, to place a diamond in the setting of a ring. At the 37-second mark, a woman places her iPhone against the rib cage of a horse they don’t even bother to explain it, really—all you need to know is the iPhone is horse compatible, and it hits you. You’ll never use your iPhone for any of this stuff well, OK, the audio translation app looks pretty rad.

Is an advertisement aspirational when you don’t necessarily aspire to many of the behaviors it depicts? It’s a key question for Apple, which is riding that line between rarefied and relatable in its marketing.

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What to Expect From Apple at WWDC | WIRED.com

Monday kicks off Apple’s annual week-long developer conference, WWDC. At its opening keynote, the company will surely offer a sneak peek at the next generation of Mac and iOS software. But Apple often gives us a first look at new hardware and partner products too, like the MacBook Pro with Retina Display in 2012 and last year’s onstage debut of Anki Drive.So what’s in store for this year’s keynote? Based on what we know about Apple, iOS, Mac OS X, as well as whispers from various “inside sources” in Cupertino, we can expect big news around health and home automation platforms, as well as a preview of next-generation mobile and desktop software. Here’s a rundown of the possibilities:

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Will Beats Help Apple Solve Its Millennial Problem? | Adweek

Apple’s rumored decision to purchase Beats Electronics for a vast $3.2 billion has puzzled many across the tech sphere. But, there may be a simple answer: Purchasing the Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre empire may give Apple a slice of the millennial pie.

“I got teens, and they don’t listen to anything unless it’s with those headphones. The association that Beats has with teens is it’s cool. Apple is the brand of your mom,” Jonathan Adams, digital agency iCrossing’s head of media in North America, said.

Adams points out that Apple obviously doesn’t have a brand problem and is still profitable. But, it can’t champion that spritely youthful image that wearing a pair of the bombastic headphones, which have become a fashion accessory, has. And, it seems Apple wants its mojo back, as noted by its tepid dip in the Tumblr waters in March.

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My Samsung Phone Made Me Cool — Daily Intelligencer

But what reviewers tend to miss is that a feature doesn’t have to be particularly useful or functional to inspire curiosity and intrigue. If they brighten up the humdrum experience of using a phone, even superficially and occasionally, that might be enough.

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Google Android Now Powers 3 in 4 Smartphones | searchenginewatch.com

Google’s Android platform has reached record worldwide sales numbers, according to analysts. Research firm IDC said that the Google mobile OS is the first to surpass 100 million quarterly shipments in a single quarter.

The platform powered some 136 million handsets, giving Android a 75 percent market share of all shipments. The company noted that Android also saw its shipments rise by 91.5 percent over the previous year’s quarter, a growth rate roughly double that of the smartphone market as a whole.

Analysts credit the soaring sales in part to Google’s ability to build and maintain a large ecosystem for the platform.

“Google has a thriving, multi-faceted product portfolio. Many of its competitors, with weaker tie-ins to the mobile OS, do not,” explained IDC senior research analyst Kevin Restivo. “This factor and others have led to loss of share for competitors with few exceptions.”

Second in the quarter was Apple’s iPhone.

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iPad scammers swindle $180 from South Carolina woman – latimes.com

Examine your purchases carefully. Thanks to Dan Williford for the article. – Ed.

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DoJ Ruling: Apple, Google, Intel Now Freer to Steal Each Other’s Staff, and This Is Better … How? | Fast Company

Hmm… If they’re colluding here, where else are they colluding?

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