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The SBA Offers Sweeteners to Encourage More Small Loans | Businessweek

The changes mean small business owners borrowing $150,000 will no longer have to come up with $2,550 in upfront fees at the time the loan closes.

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Get ‘em When They’re Young! | OnlineDegrees.org

Guess what?

You can become a debt slave on autopilot as part of your college education. Institutions of higher learning have partnered with banks to dole out Pell grant and student loans through debit cards that double as student identification cards.

Now you can get a degree that you can’t pay off and be nickle and dimed to death doing it.

It up to us to stop this.

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California cities eye plan to seize mortgages | NBC News

Typically, eminent domain has been used to clear property for infrastructure projects like highways, schools and sewage plants. In this case, supporters say, the public purpose is served because communities battered by foreclosures have seen tax rolls decimated and services gutted and have suffered economic blight.

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Homeowners to receive up to $125,000 – money.cnn.com

NEW YORK CNNMoney — Homeowners who were victims of foreclosure abuses during 2009 and 2010 could receive more than $125,000 from lenders as part of an Independent Foreclosure Review that is being overseen by two government agencies.The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency OCC and the Federal Reserve laid out the framework in which borrowers will receive compensation for a wide range of foreclosure abuses and errors that occurred as a result of robo-signing.

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Three Fairy Tales and an Action Thriller | Peter Mehit

The hero bursts through the window, firing two 9mm pistols. Even as the casings and glass are hitting the ground, the bullets find their mark, felling dark robed assassins. She crosses a large empty warehouse, dodging knives, grenades, bullets and well choreographed MMA moves to make it to the closet where a nuclear warhead is ticking…ticking down to zero. Wiping the sweat from her brow, she contemplates, “Red wire, blue wire…,” while pausing to shoot yet another bad guy. Finally, it all comes down to fate as she snips through a random wire, stopping the countdown clock at 00:00.

A protagonist fighting long odds, expending all resources and digging deep into the abyss within themselves to continue to battle back. Eventually, their tenacity and inventiveness is rewarded with success. Many entrepreneurs are affected by this kind of thinking. Not unlike Disney movies for girls years ago (be pretty, smart and attractive and a man will complete you), our movies and books often paint a world that is entertaining, but unreal. For more on this, watch the outtakes from any Jackie Chan movie.

A heroic mindset is useful for times of conflict and challenge, but where it comes to the finances of your start up or expanding company, you can’t afford to be anything but a steely eyed realist. Here are three of the fables we’ve heard in the last decade:

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Wine cache rescues those short of cash | Reuters

In an office above a Bank of America Corp branch in Beverly Hills, California, home to some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, the pawnshop for the prosperous regularly lends to hedge-fund managers, bankers, lawyers, doctors – and occasionally to Oscar winners.

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Stop conflating microfinance and entrepreneurship | The Great Debate

Moreno says that it is a mistake to believe that everyone in the developing world is interested in running a small business. “Most people just want a job.” In a country like Colombia, where there are limited educational and employment options, that is hard. Everyone is forced, out of necessity, to create his or her own livelihood.

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