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How Can Small Businesses Afford to Grow? | All Business

Growth is a very important part of any business. In order to keep the business going and reach all the goals that the business is capable of, business owners need to supply the tools that their business needs to grow and succeed. Necessary growth for businesses can range from adding on more staff to the payroll or buying a new piece of equipment to make their production process go faster. No matter what is needed for the growth that the business needs, it is never an inexpensive investment.

This dilemma causes an all too common issue for many businesses, especially for small businesses. The business owners need to invest in something in order to grow and keep their business going, but they cannot afford to make the investments that they need with the business’s current revenue. This is a problem that seems impossible to overcome, but with a little assistance and the right planning, any business can overcome this obstacle and grow enough to achieve all the goals that the business owner has set for it. Here are some ways that small businesses can afford to grow and how any business owner can make it happen for their business.

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Weekly Economic Update | LAEDC

This Week’s Headlines:

Generation X as a Target Customer | Lydia Mehit

gen xMany business owners think that EVERYONE is their customer, so they create a coupon, find a monthly delivery system (a coupon magazine or coupon mailer) and hope for the best.  But understanding your target customer can give you insights into how to price, how to promote, how to utilize media and what special offers will appeal to them.

Is Generation X the most likely group of people to purchase your goods and services?

How would you know?  Start with your current customers.  What is the average age of the majority of your customers?  Who typically makes the largest purchase during an average visit? Who are return customers?

If you are not in business yet, look at the neighborhoods where you are thinking of locating your business.  What is the average age and income of the people in the immediate one mile radius?  Check out the three mile radius also.  If you have a retail business, the majority of your customers will be local to those areas.

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Saving Money in Your Startup | The Simple Dollar

saving moneyWe get it. You’re starting a new businesses and you’re strapped for cash. There are a million questions going through your head. We empathize with bootstrapping entrepreneurs and small-business owners everywhere, and today we explore meaningful ways that add up where your business can save money in the early phases. That said, every small-business owner and entrepreneur has a unique set of circumstances that pertains to their business, industry, strategy, and execution. Here we will outline some of the key choices, some obvious, some less obvious, on ways you and your small business can save money.

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 How To Make The Transition To Online Ordering Work For Your Customers | Getentrepreneurial.com

My cranberry experience was one of the worst online shopping experiences I have had this year! And it did make me realize that it’s a big step for any business, and perhaps an even bigger step for their customers, to make online shopping the only option. The question arises; should e-commerce be the only option? And what about the customers who don’t use computers; yes, they still exist; do they just fall by the wayside? How is your cranberry customer experience? This is a real life story:

The company which sells the best dried cranberries is Davis Lewis Orchards. The customer was my neighbor Mary Anne, who though she inherited her partner’s MacBook, only reads the news, and surfs modestly, and even today does not do email or any online ordering! She insists on a live person and telephone contact, and when asked for her email, smiles and says “Hello?” There is a segment of the population, usually over “a certain age” that does not use computers as we do. I’ve been doing email for close to 20 years and e-commerce for almost as long; in fact I tested some of the first e-commerce websites as a beta customer!

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6 Small Business Financial Pitfalls | AllBusiness.com

Many factors go into making a small business a success. Some factors, however, can be more challenging than others, especially when it involves financial management. Whether it’s securing equity capital, borrowing money, separating personal finances from business finances, or managing cash flow, there are a number of “potential landmines” that many small business owners are not adequately prepared to handle. Following are six financial pitfalls for small businesses to avoid and important tips to consider when dealing with business finances:

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What (And What Not) to Do If You Want Your Content to ‘Go Viral’ | Adrants.com

Oh you’ve gotta love those online college degree schools for their content marketing savvy. They’ve mastered the art of creating compelling and informative infographics that double as a promotion for the school. That’s not a slam. Just an acknowledgment.

Anyway, here’s a well thought out inforgraphic from Best Marketing Degrees on viral marketing. It’s got examples of successful virals. It’s got examples of failed virals. It’s got tips on what you can do to increase the likelihood your content will go viral and its got tips to keep you out of hot water.

Check it out below.

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