Millennials: 10 Things Old Farts Won’t Tell You About Entrepreneurship (Third in a series) | Peter Mehit

download (2)3.You can’t succeed without the ‘f’ word

I know what you’re thinking.  Either a.) he can’t possibility mean that ‘f’ word or b.) the ‘f’ word is focus.  Focus would be a good ‘f’ word.  Nothing truly gets done without it.  People who think they are multitaskers are really deluding themselves.  Not even computers multitask.  Designers just add more cores, but each one of them is only processing one instruction at a time, really, really fast.

We teach people how to visualize businesses and focus is an important part of it.  I can tell you I get my best results when I can eliminate distractions.  But that’s not the ‘f’ word we’re talking about.

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Flint Mayor: Lead Water Pipe Replacement Being Worked On | ABC News

downloadA plan to remove and replace all lead water pipes in Flint homes will cost $55 million, the city’s mayor said Tuesday.

Households were residents are deemed to be high-risk will be given priority for pipe replacement, Mayor Karen Weaver said at a news conference.

“We’re going to restore safe drinking water one house at a time, one child at a time,” she said. “All lead pipes need to be replaced. We deserve new pipes because we did not deserve what happened.”

Flint’s water supply was switched from Detroit water to the Flint River as a cost-saving measure in 2014, when Flint was under state-appointed emergency management. The untreated river water caused lead to leach from old pipes. Flint has since switched back to Detroit water.

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Facebook Has Three Months To Comply With Data Protection Laws, France Warns | Forbes

Facebook needs to beef up its privacy protections in France or it could face sanctions.

On Monday, the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL)—a data protection authority in France—issued Facebook a formal notice that the social media giant must update its data collection practices within the next three months. The CNIL levels that several of Facebook’s practices don’t comply with the French Data Protection Act.

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How to stop working with a client when you’re a freelancer | Mashable

Leaving a 9-to-5 takes work. You have to tell your boss, be productive for two additional weeks, give an exit interview — and accomplish all of these tasks thoughtfully enough to make a good final impression.

While part of the allure of freelancing is being your own boss, quitting is still difficult. In this case, you’ll be telling a client — rather than a supervisor — that you won’t be working together anymore. You’ll still have to have that tough conversation (and then actually transition).

Here are few things to keep in mind:

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How To Write A Killer Business Plan | Peter Mehit

If you’re like most, when thinking of a new business venture, idea or concept that you want to start, then writing a business plan is probably the furthest thing on your mind.  You just want to dive in to the exciting stuff right?  You’re too busy coming up with a catchy name, a logo, colors, designing your new website, picking out office furniture and buying cool office technology equipment to worry about sitting down and writing out a business plan.

Besides, you have most of the ideas in your mind, you kind of have a rough idea of what you want to do and how you are going to do it; the rest of the stuff will just fall into place and take care of itself right?

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Delta One review | Business Insider

Thanks to a last-minute booking, I recently flew to Bangkok, Thailand on one airline, and returned to New York City on another. It gave me the chance to experience business class with two very different airlines.

My flight east was with Emirates, the state-owned Dubai company that was recently ranked the fifth-best airline in the world. And I flew west on Delta, the publicly traded, Atlanta-based airline that came in 49th in the same ranking. (It’s the third-best airline in North America, according to Skytrax.)

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Take a Trip to a Time When Viruses Still Called You Names | WIRED

IT WAS CALLED the Casino virus. If it infected your machine, it would remove all files from your hard drive and challenge you to a game. “I’m giving you a last chance to restore your precious data,” it would say. “Your data depends on a game of Jackpot.”

It presented a kind of digital slot machine, and you had just five chances to spin those digital wheels and land on three matching monochrome icons. If you didn’t, Casino berated you with shockingly salty language before deleting your data forever.

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How Vicis Designed the Zero1, the Helmet That Could Save the NFL |

Over 5,000 former players have sued the league over the brain injuries suffered during their careers, and a slew of high-profile former NFL players and coaches have said they won’t let their children play the game.

One thing is clear: If football safety doesn’t change soon, America’s most popular sport will be in jeopardy. Ideas fill a whiteboard in Vicis’s Seattle office.

Enter Vicis, a Seattle startup whose self-appointed mission is to create a helmet that reduces the risk of concussions. The company’s first product, the Zero1, features a pliable outer layer and an impact-absorbing core layer that cushions the wearer’s head against violent collisions–all, for the most part, while maintaining the look and shape of a classic helmet. The company has received $10 million in funding, including a $500,000 grant from the NFL. The helmets will be available to NFL and college players this spring.

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