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Don’t Choose The Wrong Business!

Elizabeth and Paris Patt are fine art restorers were looking to change their line of work.  They came to see us about opening a coffee shop in Idyllwild, CA, but didn’t seem committed to the idea.  We suggested they work through the first two sections of Killer Business Plan and it was a real eye opener for them.

In the video above, they talk about their experience.


How To Prioritize Your Ecommerce Startup | CoolBusinessIdeas.com

Electronic commerce, or ecommerce, can do almost everything that a brick-and-mortar store can do. Moreover, it’s cheaper to set up, easier to attract buyer traffic, easier to process orders, and easier to distribute electronic or physical goods. And your store is open 24/7 and can reach customers all over the world.

Since ecommerce is so flexible, many entrepreneurs launch their startups as ecommerce ventures. Instead of spending 6 figures to build a full scale business that may or may not work, it’s possible to build one with 5 figures to see how things work out. If the business happens to be as successful as envisioned, it can then be scaled up.

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Reality Television isn’t Reality: My Journey to Startup Success | The Startup Magazine

While popular TV shows like ‘Shark Tank’ may make it look like it’s easy for startups to secure funding, the reality isn’t always so kind. The harsh truth is that ‘Shark Tank’ scenarios do not exist in the real world: as an entrepreneur, it is highly unlikely that you are going to find yourself in a situation where four millionaires are sitting in front of you, attentive, and ready to enter into a bidding war over investment in your company. Reality is much more complicated and, unfortunately, an entrepreneur’s road to success isn’t as cut and dry as TV might make it seem.

Luckily, there are strategies that help increase your odds of success. I’m here to share those strategies and let you in on how my team and I earned the holy grail of the startup world: a funding win from an angel investment competition.

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Airline electronics ban: What you need to know | Money CNN

Flying to the U.S. and Britain from airports in the Middle East and North Africa just got a lot more complicated.

The Trump administration has ordered nine airlines to stop passengers from bringing most types of electronic devices — not including smartphones — into the cabin for U.S.-bound flights. Instead, those devices must be checked in.

The U.K. government has announced similar restrictions.

The sudden moves, attributed to concerns about potential terrorist attacks, create a new headache for airline staff and passengers.

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How Small Businesses Are Using AI Chatbots in 2017 | Business News Daily

Artificially intelligent chatbots aren’t just for Fortune 500 companies anymore. Thanks to a slew of innovative bot ventures that focus on the user experience, small business owners are now using AI technology to improve daily operations, connect with clients and increase sales. Heavy hitters like Mark Zuckerberg and Satya Nadella have publicly touted the value of AI chatbot technology, and with Google investing in Allo, Facebook’s launch of Messenger, Windows’ rollout of Cortana, and the early success of Operator and Telegram, it’s reasonable to assume that AI chatbots are going to be ubiquitous.

Here’s how early adopters in the small business category are currently engaging with AI chatbot technology through subscription services, custom builds, free services and beta testing.

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5 Effective Signage Tips To Promote Your Business | Getentrepreneurial.com

In this fast-paced tech-oriented world, more and more people are focusing their advertising efforts towards online and mobile marketing practices. This is perfectly understandable; as more than half of all internet traffic is now coming from a mobile device. However, when it comes to grabbing the people attention, it may be sometimes better to use an old-fashioned, well-thought-out graphic sign. And the design that goes into making a sign can have a substantial influence on the number of new customers your company could potentially acquire. That said, here are 5 signage tips you can use to help better promote your business.

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Apple finally kills off 16GB iPhone SE, now you get 32GB for $399 | TechCrunch

Rejoice lovers of petite-sized iPhones, for Apple is granting additional storage bounty — announcing today it’s doubling the current storage capacity of the iPhone SE.

The new four-inch display iPhone comes with either 32GB or 128GB on board storage, replacing the prior 16GB and 64GB models — but with only a small price-tag bump for the more capacious model (+ $50, to $499), and no price change for the $399 starter model.

As with all iOS devices there’s no ability for users to expand storage capacity themselves via a removable memory card. You get what you’re given on the storage front — so being given more is very welcome.

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Create a Referral Engine That Works Every Day in Your Business | Duct Tape Marketing

I’ve written about this topic many times, but it just never get’s old! (Check out the referral marketing archive on Duct Tape Marketing) The fact is, although I’ve been writing about the idea of referral generation for years, it always remains relevant, no matter what marketing trends and technologies come and go.

Getting referrals can often seem like a daunting task for marketers, but it doesn’t have to be. I’ve put together a list of recommendations you can use to teach your clients how to build referrals (not to mention teach yourself a thing or two).

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Should you install solar panels on your roof? Ask Google | Mashable

In 2015, Google launched Project Sunroof, a map that shows which houses have enough sun exposure for solar panels to be a viable energy source. However, the original map was very limited, covering only the San Francisco Bay Area, Fresno, California and Boston.

Now, Google has greatly expanded the project to cover all 50 U.S. states, with a total of 60 million buildings in the database.

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