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The Body Odd – 4 reasons a song gets stuck in your head

So it helps to know that earworms are an incredibly common experience: Studies suggest that 90 percent of people get them at least once a week. Over the last decade, researchers have spent time collecting data to learn who gets earworms, how often they occur, how long they last and which songs won’t budge from our brains.

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A Majority of Americans (Including Both OWS and the Tea Party) AGREE on the Most Important Issues … We Just Don’t Realize It | ZeroHedge

I have repeatedly demonstrated that – despite the false divide-and-conquer tactics of the mainstream parties and mainstream media – the overwhelming majority of Americans agree on the most important issues facing our country.

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Why I Feel Bad for Pepper-Spraying Policeman, Lt. John Pike | The Atlantic

…it’s a dozen scared kids and a police officer named John Pike spraying them in the face from three feet away. And while it’s his finger pulling the trigger, the police system is what put him in the position to be standing in front of those students.

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BBC News – Pakistani derision at ‘obscene text’ ban

As expected, the #PTABannedList has made its way all over Pakistan, & kids are swearing more elaborately & frequently than ever. Well done.”

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It’s Time to Play ‘Whose Secret Service Nickname Is That?’ — Daily Intel

See if you can match the following ten Secret Service nicknames with the person they were/are used for.

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Siri Gets Stuck In An Argument | College

Adult language and theme. Tip o’ the hat to Chip Watterson for sharing this gem. – Ed.