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What Are You Retiring From? | Boaz Rauchwerger

There’s a lot of talk, especially in light of the developments of recent years, about retirement. Unfortunately, many people have lost much of their retirement nest eggs due to problems in real estate or in the stock market.

I received an interesting note the other day from a long-time friend, Dana Borowka, of Lighthouse Consulting, in Santa Monica, California. He offered a different view of retirement. Here is what he wrote:

“Last week I was thinking about retirement and what it means. The thought came – what am I going to retire from? Then the idea came – Today I’m retiring from fear and stress! I’ve shared that with a few people and the look on everyone’s face is – of course. They loved it.”

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Banking on mom and dad? |

With traditional credit channels squeezed so much that even the bank of mom and dad is tightening its belt, social lending services have moved beyond typical peer-to-peer to target the inter-family space, as Ian Clover discovered.

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New Business Ideas | |

Tired of burning your tongue on coffee only to have it get cold a few minutes later? With the Coffee Joulies Gift Pack your coffee will be ready to drink in minutes and will stay that way for hours. Each polished stainless steel shell is filled with a special phase change material that melts at 140°F. Put them inside the custom-printed thermos and they absorb heat from your coffee when it is too hot and release it back into your coffee to keep it at the perfect temperature.

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Do you bank smart? |

With financial institutions throughout the country striving to cater for the broadest base of consumers possible, mobile banking is an increasingly competitive industry. But how can FIs grow their mobile banking operations in a way that best suits them and their customers?

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Dwolla, The New E-Commerce Solution |

The recent outbreak of alternative financial transaction services hasn’t yet caused giants like PayPal and Ebay to need reputation protection, but they may be looking to revamp their business models soon. The new kid on the block, Dwolla, threatens to shake things up in an industry that seems to change by the year.

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If Twitter was 100 People… | information is

If Twitter was 100 People

If Twitter was 100 People….