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Veterans on the front lines of small business | CNNMoney

When I left the Navy in 2000, I noticed veterans weren’t marketed in the best way and were often thought of as being was worse off because of their service.

In 2002, we launched Victory Media to change that perception. The company started by connecting the military and civilians through G.I. Jobs, which helps businesses promote themselves to veterans looking for work. Until then, there weren’t many resources to help veterans transition to the civilian workforce.

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Google Looking to Build Self-Driving Car All by Itself | GreenPacks

Looks like Google is moving on with its self-driving automobile concept. A recent report has suggested that the Mountain View company has finally decided to make its self-driving cars by itself.

You might remember recent rumors that suggested that the tech giant was in talks with many major automakers regarding the possibilities of self-driving cars. But Google failed in this attempt, as almost every carmaker rejected the idea.

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10 Remarkable Posthumously Published Novels|mashable

If the reports are true, and J.D. Salinger’s estate is set to release five never-before-seen novels by the famously reclusive author, the literary world may be set to receive its biggest posthumous bounty since Emily Dickinson’s sister happened upon that trunk full of poems. As many have long suspected, Salinger may soon join the long, illustrious line of novelists’ whose work continues to emerge long after they depart this world.

Here are 10 of the most remarkable posthumously published novels in history:

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THIS Says It All | Various

Miley Cyrus – VMA. These pictures are all you need to know.

Doesn’t Will Smith’s son look like he’s about to cry? Too much like home?

UPDATE: Jaden Smith is tears over Lady Gaga…

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The group IOCOSE has been working in Italy and Europe since 2006. It organizes actions in order to subvert ideologies, practices and processes of identification and production of meanings. It uses pranks and hoaxes as tactical means, as joyful and sound tools. IOCOSE thinks about the streets, internet and word of mouth as a battlefield. Tactics such as mimesis and trickery are used to lead and delude the audience into a semantic pitfall.

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Under the Gun | Peter Mehit

shotgun“Play that part the way it is on the record,” he said, his face getting red. The drum part in question, in a song I can’t even remember now, was a mistake on the part of the drummer who recorded it. It was almost impossible to duplicate. But John wasn’t hearing it. Rehearsal had come to a complete stop and we’d been arguing for about ten minutes. Then, with the calmest expression, John reached behind him and came up with a sawed-off shotgun. “Do what I tell you,” he said.

I had known John about two years. He was a hot head, but a great guitarist and I liked playing with him. We’d had arguments, but never did it occur to me that I would be looking down the barrel of a shotgun because of one of them. It’s amazing how big that gun looks when it’s pointed at you.

What seemed like three years passed, although it was probably only thirty seconds.  I could hear my voice saying, “You’re right. I just can’t get it.” Then after another eternal pause, I added, “I’m not a good enough drummer for you.” With that I began to tear down my set. John got this faraway look and put down the gun, leaving the room. I could have been dead at seventeen. It was the first of three times I’ve had a firearm pointed at me.

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Lead Generation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them | AllBusiness

Good content marketing starts with good lead generation. You’ve probably heard something like this before. But what is lead generation in the first place?

Lead generation is the act of collecting a list of names and contact information of people who will play a critical role in your content marketing strategy. These are the people that your search engine optimization SEO team will forge relationships with to promote your products.

Lead generation is usually the first step in any comprehensive SEO strategy. Establishing contacts will get the ball rolling in your campaign, allowing you to reach a targeted audience that will be more receptive to your business.

This is why it is incredibly important that you are able to conduct lead generation early on, and do it the right way. What are some of the pitfalls to avoid? Let’s take a look at some of them.

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