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The Costs of Internet ‘Fast Lanes’ | Businessweek

Expect to hear a lot of I-told-you-sos from those who worried about having a former cable lobbyist chair the Federal Communications Commission. The FCC is set to introduce a new set of rules governing how Internet service providers (ISPs) can treat different services in different ways, and it looks like they will hew closely to the cable industry’s line.

Late Wednesday the Wall Street Journal reported that the FCC would release new rules developed by its chairman, Tom Wheeler. This was bound to happen after a federal court struck down the FCC’s Open Internet Order in January. Wheeler’s approach to the issue of net neutrality has been the subject of much hand-wringing, with his public statements always leaving some question about his position on the issue. The new rules will likely embrace the idea that Internet service providers can create so-called fast lanes, where they charge companies to send content to customers faster. If that principle becomes law, here are a few things to expect:

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Washable Keyboard |

The Logitech Washable Keyboard K310 is a washable keyboard which is easy to clean and dry with hand-wash-safe design. Ultra-durable, it is built to take a washing and pounding – durable keys with laser printing and UV coating. It offers comfortable typing: familiar keyboard layout and clean contemporary design feels and looks great too.

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Why UPS Should Be Very Afraid of Amazon’s Delivery Plans |

Amazon has already changed the way we shop and consume media. Who’s to say the ecommerce giant can’t also overhaul how you get your mail?

Amazon is testing out a pilot program in which its own fleet of drivers will bring Amazon packages to your door, completing the “last mile” of the delivery process, according to a report in today’s Wall Street Journal.

Amazon was not immediately available for comment.

The Seattle tech giant has been dropping hints for some time that it might develop its own delivery network. And it would be a smart place for the company to be looking for innovation: Amazon’s shipping costs have been consistently rising in recent years.

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8 Problems That Startups Are Lucky to Have |

Starting a business is never as simple as you think. Businesses are increasingly diverse and countless metrics and variables need to come into effect for channels to work for the long term. Entrepreneurs and startups have to be smart and they need to be open to endless solutions. In fact, if you don’t think ahead, you can be buried in the success your business creates or possibly wrapped up in an endless supply of unforeseen work that can lead to dwindling profits.

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10 Things I Wish I Knew About Money At 18 | AskMen

Newly Minted MoneyI’ve been there. Four different credit card bills came in the mail each month: Visa, American Express, Best Buy (because they gave me a 10% discount when I bought 3 CDs), and Sears. Their balances only added up to a couple of thousand dollars each, and making the minimum payment wasn’t so bad. Then the transmission blew in my car and I had no emergency fund to pay for it.

So I put that on the credit card. I was lazy so I would routinely pay late and then get dinged with a $35 late fee. Then the card companies would jack up my interest rate. Somewhere the invisible elves that kept track of my credit score were shaking the heads and “tsk-tsk-ing” as my chances of ever getting a mortgage in the future were plummeting. Soon I was paying more each month on interest, late fees, annual charges, and ATM cash advance fees than I was for my rent.

So just like the former high-school quarterback who looks down and notices that his belly fat is obscuring the nether half of his torso, I knew it was time to do something. It was time to get back in shape.

“If only I knew then,” I sometimes think. If only I knew the following 10 things about money when I was 18, I could have avoided that whole mess.

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Are We at the End of Email? –

You come in, sit down, and log in. Your morning coffee steams while you peruse the dozens of emails that await you. Some are important. Some are even urgent. But most are destined for the trash. You grind through your inbox, replying to some and flagging others for later. And by the time your real work starts, your coffee is cold and you can’t find that one important email your client sent yesterday.

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What stumps Warren Buffett? Minimum wage |

Should the federal minimum wage be raised? It’s a tough question, even for business magnate Warren Buffett.

“I thought about it for 50 years and I just don’t know the answer on it,” Buffett told CNN Wednesday. “In economics you always have to say ‘and then what?’ And the real question is are more people going to be better off if it is raised,” he said.

Buffett also said that the current federal minimum of $7.25 is not a living wage. If raising it didn’t hurt employment he’d want it up significantly higher. “You do lose some employment as you increase the minimum wage, if you didn’t I would be for having it $15 an hour,” he said.

Many states and cities have recently raised their minimum wage rate above the federal minimum and President Obama is pushing for Congress to raise the nationwide rate to $10.10 an hour.

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