4 Unconventional Pieces of Startup Advice from Peter Thiel | Page19

1679718_6_9990_peter-thiel-l-un-des-premiers-investisseurs-du_dbc87e675f05de6df4a1e3d10016b81bSo: you have a great new idea and you’re on the verge of launching your own business? Off you go! Be warned, though: few startups last more than a few years. What gives? Peter Thiel gives us his take on what’s big when you’re small.   This might be a brave new world of enterprise, but traditional business smarts still matter.

This is why it is worth listening to advice from successful founders and entrepreneurs. Certainly, one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time is Peter Thiel, a co-founder of PayPal and now a prominent venture capitalist. He was the first outsider to invest in Facebook, and he manages Founders Fund’s $2 billion assets.

We read Peter Thiel’s bestselling book, Zero to One, and pulled out its most important tips for new startup founders.

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