Attention: These 3 Triggers Get (and Keep) a Crowd | Page 19

Imagine perusing 174 newspapers a day. Don’t bother imagining, actually—you already do it! In an age of information overload, here are 3 behavioral-science-based tricks to draw in your audience. Every day the average human is exposed to the informational equivalent of 174 newspapers. Two decades ago, people brushed with only 48 newspapers’-worth of information—less than a quarter of what we’re bombarded with now. At this point in our digital evolution, we’re all familiar with the purists’ lament for the simpler, less informationally encumbered days of yore. And it’s a fair eulogy, too. So much of our daily lives are commandeered by this ad or that notification clamoring for our attention from the glistening stage of an e-device. Even our reading material screams in ways that a canvas-backed book never could.

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