The giant heads of US presidents sit crumbling in a field in Virginia | BBC Newsbeat

In a small field in the US, the giant effigies of 43 presidents sit crumbling.

The 18 to 20ft (5.5m-6m) busts are all that remain of Virginia’s Presidential Park, which were inspired by Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.

They cost about $10m (£6.9m) to create. Image caption The park was inspired by the iconic faces of Mount Rushmore

But it went bust (pardon the pun) in 2010 due to lack of visitors.

Despite being asked to destroy the concrete heads, a local farm owner called Howard Hankins rescued them.

He moved them to his 400 acre farm where they stand today. The busts weighed up to 9,000kg each so it wasn’t an easy task.

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