Your Body On Sleep (Infographic) | Lifehack

imagesWe all need to sleep — it’s something every human has in common. From a two-month-old child to an 85-year-old man, sleep is completely necessary.

The one thing that does differ is the amount of sleep a particular person needs. Scientists have argued for years about the “correct” amount of sleep that a single human needs each night.

Many doctors and scientists draw closely towards a solid 8 hours a night for the average adult, but if you asked 10 random people what they think their optimal sleep schedule looked like, you’d likely get widely differing answers.

Some people prefer 5-6 hours a night and can function at their full capacity on this, while others need 9-10 hours to feel normal the next morning.

Regardless of how much sleep each person needs, I think we can all agree that sleep is hugely important, and thanks to MyBedFrames, we can easily understand and digest this importance in the form of an infographic titled Your Body on Sleep.

See infographic

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