How to Be a Grown-Up: 7 Things No One Ever Told You | Page19

Thresholds. Sometimes we’re carried over. Sometimes we hesitate just outside. Sometimes we’re pushed through by circumstance or happenstance or others’ whims. And sometimes we step over into the dark unknown, armed with nothing but a figurative box of matches and a flinty sense of hope.

Thresholds mark the space between where we were and where we’re headed. One of the most exhilarating and bewildering is the time that comes after you get your degree and before so-called “settling down.” You’re blazing a trail in your first career, learning what you want, experiencing loves that just might last, and maybe even thinking about buying a house.

We all come to the critical lessons in our own time, but just as pre-reading helps us integrate what we learn, previewing a few key learnings from the age of the Adult-in-the-Making can make the most of your time in the liminal. Here, I’ve put together seven solid pieces of advice from the books that I wish I’d discovered in my twenties (and one that I actually did!).

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