The Evolution of ‘Table Tech’–Changing the Way Restaurants Do Business |

FinTech, Health Tech, and AgTech. Seems like there is a name given for every niche and the technology associated with it. Yes, technology is continuing to shape our world, but enough with the names already.

Every time an industry comes up with disruptive technology, there is a special name associated with it. One industry that doesn’t seem to have yet adopted its name is hospitality management, specifically restaurants. So what do we call it?

GreasyTech? TableTech? Who knows–maybe I’ll get credit for coining the phrase.

Regardless of the name you want to choose, I have seen quite a bit of change in the restaurant industry to warrant laying it out in this article. Several brands have been making changes in the way we will eat out in the future (as evidenced by the changes that are being made in the present).

That change? Kiosks and tablets being used to process financial transactions and track everyday business operations.

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