How Women Are Leading The Charge In Changing Healthcare | Forbes

Just one in seven mental health patients are getting effective care, according to Lyra Health’s Dena Bravata. Could a doctor matching service change that statistic?

“You might prefer someone who’s near your office or speaks Swahili or whatever your preferences are,” Bravata said at the Forbes Women’s Summit, speaking on the New Frontiers in Healthcare panel. You should be able to find that, and her company will help you do it.

Lyra was just one of several healthcare companies touted during the panel as a new look at personalized medicine–one of several helmed by women.

“We’re transforming from a passive patient to an empowered patient,” MedImmune head Bahija Jallal said by way of introduction. And in the new world of patient empowerment, that could mean anything from finding your own doctor to taking on decades of standard healthcare practice.

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