Wake Up And Smell The Coffee: Employment Is Over | Forbes

Alan was a clever guy who came to a job-search workshop we presented. He told jokes and cracked everyone up.

He said “Working at my former employer was like being a prairie dog living in a prairie dog village where life was happy and gay. The only problem for the prairie dogs was that right next door to the prairie dog village lived an erratic and violent farmer with a shotgun who every so often would lean over the fence, take some shots and pick off a bunch of prairie dogs. You never knew when it was going to happen.”

Alan stayed at his ex-employer for six years and survived eight layoffs. He finally got whacked in the ninth round.

“It was only when I got laid off that I realized how much stress I had been experiencing, but ignoring,” said Alan.

“Because of the crazed-farmer-with-a-shotgun dynamic in my old company, everybody was under huge stress. It didn’t matter what your job title was or how well you hit your targets. If they decided to change the strategic plan one day, you were still toast.”

Alan put his finger on the most significant change that has occurred in the working world since I started working in 1979.

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