7 Reasons Smart, Hardworking People Struggle To Find Success | Lifehack

Think back to when you were in high school, when things were simpler. Do you remember that person who stood out amongst the class? That person everyone thought would change the world one day? They got straight A’s on their report card and were praised all the time. People would talk about the things that person would go on to do one day.

Fast forward a decade or two to the present day. You haven’t seen anything spectacular the person has done. In fact, you haven’t heard anything at all.

What happened?

Maybe you know someone like this. Or…maybe you are that person.

I used to think that intelligence and a strong work ethic were all you needed to be successful. But it turns out that’s not always true. Both are important, but they aren’t a guarantee for success in life. A number of other factors come into play.

Here are seven reasons smart, hardworking people can’t find success:

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