Techstars selects the first class of its New York-based IoT accelerator | TechCrunch

Techstars has selected the first class for its New York-based internet of things accelerator. It’s the first program that Techstars has done with a consortium of industry partners instead of just linking up with a single, large corporate partner.

For the accelerator, the first class is the culmination of a year of work putting the pieces together for the new initiative. One of the big four accounting and consulting firms, PWC, was the first company to sign on to the Techstars vision.

Since the first agreement last October with PWC, General Electric, Verizon, Bosch and SAP have all come on board. General Electric has been pushing hard to remake itself as a more innovative company; while Bosch is making similar efforts. For its part, SAP has announced its own partnership with Bosch, and is aggressively pushing into the Internet of Things to counter moves made by its arch-nemesis, Cisco.

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