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12 Things Truly Confident People Do Differently | Entrepreneur

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Confidence takes many forms, from the arrogance of Floyd Mayweather to the quiet self-assurance of Jane Goodall. True confidence—as opposed to the false confidence people project to mask their insecurities—has a look all its own.

When it comes to confidence, one thing is certain: truly confident people always have the upper hand over the doubtful and the skittish because they inspire others and they make things happen.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t—you’re right.”

–Henry Ford

Ford’s notion that your mentality has a powerful effect on your ability to succeed is manifest in the results of a recent study at the University of Melbourne that showed that confident people went on to earn higher wages and get promoted more quickly than anyone else.

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What To Do When a Business Vacation is Over | Small Biz Trends

After a much deserved vacation that is full of fun and joy, returning back to your regular routine can lead to distress.

While almost no one likes going back to work especially after a relaxing and peaceful business vacation, you should face the reality and do your best to adjust and be productive again.

In order to prevent the post-vacation syndrome, you have to do a little bit of planning and accept that the vacation is over so that you can get back to the right mindset.

Below are some helpful tips which will help you to resume your regular routine.

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SPENDING: Cutting costs | Money Cnn

downloadThe most common spending problems are caused by a house that’s too large, a car that’s too luxurious or a credit-card lifestyle that’s too lavish for your income. Those who see a virtue in moderation may have had budgeting in mind.

Whatever your situation, here are some common ways that people can reduce monthly bills.

1. Eliminate trivial but needless costs

Look first for small savings — not because they’ll end your budget problems, but simply because they’re easy to find and take advantage of. For example, swear off that mid-afternoon, expensive premium latte. Shop for clothes and household furnishings only during sales. Keep your house warmer in summer and cooler in winter. Take on chores that you usually pay someone else to perform, such as mowing the lawn or shoveling snow.

Seemingly inconsequential savings do, in fact, add up.

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How to Start a Service-Based Business | Business News Daily

On the surface, starting a service-based business like public relations, consulting, writing or coaching seems easy enough. You have the skills to deliver high-quality work and results, so you set up a nice website and spread the word among your network contacts that you’re looking for clients.

But running any type of business, especially a service company, is never “easy.” There will be long hours, difficult clients, frustrating projects and many other obstacles along the way. But for those who have what it takes to persevere, the rewards of turning your passion and skill set into a viable business far outweigh the challenges you’ll face.

So, what is it really like to start and run a service business? Entrepreneurs who have done it weighed in on the challenges and advantages, as well as the best practices for getting your company off the ground.

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Remote Workforce | Business Tips

downloadIt’s estimated that “regular telecommuters will total 4.9 million by 2016.” In addition to that, some “50 million U.S. employees hold jobs that are telework compatible, although only 2.9 million consider home their primary place of work (2.3 percent of the workforce).”

A fundamental change in the workplace such as this one can have a profound impact on the economy and job market. But what is driving this trend and why should we be kosher with this latest development?

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Mozilla CEO Sends Angry Open Letter To Microsoft Over Changing Windows 10 Browser Defaults | TechCrunch

With Edge in Windows 10, Microsoft has finally delivered a capable browser to replace the aging Internet Explorer. Microsoft likes Windows 10 so much, it makes Edge the default browser in Windows 10, even when you’re updating from a system that previously used Chrome or Firefox as the default.

Unsurprisingly, Mozilla is not amused and its CEO Chris Beard today wrote an open letter to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to complain that the company is taking away its users’ choices and ignored Mozilla’s calls for keeping the default during the upgrade process.

“When we first saw the Windows 10 upgrade experience that strips users of their choice by effectively overriding existing user preferences for the Web browser and other apps, we reached out to your team to discuss this issue,” Beard writes. “Unfortunately, it didn’t result in any meaningful progress, hence this letter.

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  3 Strategies to Grow Your Business with Gratitude | Getentrepreneurial

You’re increasing your sales. Your team is more productive. You get out of the office earlier to do what you love with those you love…

…and yet there’s something missing. You struggle to keep all the business plates spinning simultaneously. It’s exhausting most days. Your family and friends ask, “Are you okay?”

The missing something is Gratitude.

Here are 3 Strategies to Grow Your Business with Gratitude:

Gratitude Focuses on the Positive

You see what you look for.

Is your default zoom set on what’s wrong with your business? That’s exhausting.

Of course all of our companies have room for improvement. Systems and strategies can be tweaked for greater efficiency. If that’s all you see when you look at your business, you completely miss what’s working positively.

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