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Social Screening: What Hiring Managers Look for On Social Media | Business News Daily

The number of hiring managers using social media to investigate job candidates has grown immensely over the past 10 years, according to a new CareerBuilder study.

Specifically, 60 percent of employers now turn to social networks to research job applicants, up from 52 percent last year and just 11 percent in 2006.

“Tools such as Facebook and Twitter enable employers to get a glimpse of who candidates are outside the confines of a resume or cover letter,” Rosemary Haefner, chief human resources officer of CareerBuilder, said in a statement.

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Beyond Meat’s burger drips canola oil not blood | Money CNN

A new burger is about to hit the market. It looks and cooks like it’s made of beef. But there’s one key difference — it’s entirely plant based.

Beyond Meat, which makes meatless products, claims its latest burger is “the closest thing to meat” that it’s ever created.

The Beyond Burger will be available at one Whole Foods in Boulder, Colorado on Monday and at other stores on the East Coast soon.

It’s the result of over seven years of research that the company undertook to “understand meat” and then “rebuild” the burger in a plant-based form.

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Deloitte report on peer-to-peer lending |Business Insider

Deloitte just trashed the hype around the online lending industry.

The accountancy and consultancy practice has done a deep dive on the online lending industry, and its conclusions should make for devastating reading for anyone connected to the sector.

Deloitte concludes that marketplace lenders, more commonly called peer-to-peer lenders in the UK, “are unlikely to pose a threat to banks in the mass market,” according to Neil Tomlinson, Deloitte’s head of UK banking. The report concludes that the platforms “will not be significant players in terms of overall volume or share.”

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How to Manage the Probation Period | The Startup Magazine

downloadAs a young business, the calibre of employee that is required is inherently different than that of a large business; you aren’t looking for people that are process driven and blindly follow instructions. You should be looking for an individual that can challenge the status quo, drive innovation and are able to reflect. Granted, you may come across some wildcards when sifting through the visionary’s and as the saying goes, time is money – which is why you may want to consider adopting a probation period policy. Probationary periods are widely used in businesses worldwide in order to assess employee performance during the early stages of employment.

If this sounds like a policy that you would consider implementing, read on to get a comprehensive view of what they entail.

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Converting Leads Into Customers: Create a Sales Funnel for Your Business |

sales__funnelThe sales process is a long road dotted with pitfalls and junctions that can lead potential customers astray. Sales representatives cannot cover every step of the way, but they can pull together a map, and put visible signs to direct people. Namely, sales funnel prevents the sale pipelines from becoming clogged, which is why many online businesses take advantage of this model. In fact, internet marketing has embraced these techniques as they show great promise in terms of establishing sale relationships with buyers in the long term.

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A Sofa That Never Gets Bored | Design Milk

The internet of things is no longer limited to well, just the internet. It now includes furniture. In fact, the Lift-Bit (not to confused with Fitbit or other bits), is the “world’s first Internet-of-Things sofa.” First unveiled at this year’s Milan Design Week, the sofa was created by international design and innovation firm Carlo Ratti Associati with help from Vitra.

The Lift-Bit is a modular furniture system that transform from sofa, to chair, to bed, to chaise lounge… to whatever else your creativity dreams up. It consists of a cluster of bright green, upholstered stools which are motorized using a linear actuator. This means that the cushions on the stool can be raised or lowered. Furthermore, it can be controlled through gestures, or of course, a mobile app.

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Scotland Will Be Home To The World’s Largest Floating Wind Farm | Co.Exist

Offshore wind farms are getting more practical, partly because of a new technology that allows them to float. Scotland, or rather the ocean off Scotland’s coast, will soon become home to the world’s largest installation of the technology.

The Hywind Park will consist of five floating six-megawatt turbines, anchored in water over 330 feet deep, and situated 15-22 miles from land. The project, conceived in 2014 and recently given the go-ahead, has previously been called the “world’s first floating wind farm,” and now is apparently the largest.

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