3 Startups Helping the Medical Industry Go Remote | The Startup Magazine

With the internet integrally involved in nearly every aspects of our lives, it only follows that we are seeing a burgeoning online medical service industry. Startups have been rethinking the medical industry to increase efficiency and offer online options as essential as online banking, shopping, and entertainment have become in the last few years.

Booking appointments with doctors, managing billing and finances, waiting endless hours at a doctor’s office and repeating the process whenever needed – is what the following startups are aiming to eliminate:

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Do Other Planets Have Solar Eclipses? | Live Science

As Earthlings, we have the privilege of ooohing and aaahing at total solar eclipses, those dazzling celestial events in which the moon blocks the sun’s light from hitting our planet. But is Earth the only world in our solar system that experiences this spectacular phenomenon?

The answer is no. Total solar eclipses can happen on other planets too, as long as they have moons that are big enough to cover the sun’s disk from the planet’s perspective and orbit the planet on the same plane as the sun, astronomers told Live Science.

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Why Brands and Agencies Are Preparing for the Era of 6-Second Ads | Adweek

Let the upcoming fourth quarter be known as the incubator phase of the six-second video ad unit, a few industry players echoed in recent days. Next year, they say, it’s go time.

The format has built up buzz since Google threw its stake in the ground when the best examples of its six-second hackathon were highlighted at Sundance in January. Then in June, Fox announced it was on board with six-second video ads. And, at the end of last month, Facebook revealed it was going to work on its six-second ad game during its second-quarter earnings call. Now, brands and agencies are starting to state their motives for getting out in front of the movement. Michelin this week started testing the snack-sized clips on YouTube, the Google-owned video platform that calls them bumper ads.

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Self-order kiosks don’t just help big chains, Long Island fast casual learns | Fast Casual

Self-order kiosks are one of the fastest growing technologies in the restaurant industry today, with several of the nation’s leading chains deploying these customer conveniences. While the big chains move forward on this front, will independents and chains that are not as well capitalized as their larger competitors be left behind?

LI Pour House Bar and Grill, a fast casual independent in Port Jefferson Station, New York, recently deployed self-order tabletop kiosks on all of its tables and has found the convenience very popular with customers. Customers can order and pay when they want. Owner Anthony Pallino found what he considers an affordable kiosk that has proved reliable and has improved sales and made his operation more efficient.

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Cities Are Becoming Sanctuaries For Climate Policy, Too | Fast Company

Yesterday, The New York Times published a complete draft of a climate change report by scientists from 13 federal agencies. According to the Times, its authors feared the Trump administration would suppress its conclusions–including its statement, made with “very high confidence,” that human activities are the primary cause of global climate change.

The 600-plus page report is an expansive look at the state of existing climate science, detailing rising temperatures, increased precipitation, extreme weather like tornadoes and cyclones, and much more. But since it “directly contradicts” the president’s stance on climate change, it’s also kindling for the ongoing debate over the climate on the federal level–one that’s unlikely to be resolved anytime soon.

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Is it Possible to start a Profitable Business in UK despite inflation and Economic stress? | CoolBusinessIdeas.com

No matter the economic situation of a country, be it the UK or otherwise, there are always businesses within that environment that are delivering services or goods and making huge profits. Even war torn countries, have those within them that are legally profiting and prospering. So while the current state of a country’s economy might be a factor that’s capable of determining the success or failure of a business operating within that economy, a much bigger determining factor is the competence of a business person as well as his/her capability to use any economic situation to their advantage.

To be able to take advantage of what might seem like a bad situation to the average person, an entrepreneur simply needs to ask his/herself some of the following questions;

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The Star Wars Video That Baffled YouTube’s Copyright Cops | WIRED

Every director knows that the score can make the scene. Anyone who’s ever watched a rough cut without soundtrack music can confirm this. Case in point: Something weird happens to the beloved throne room scene that ends the original 1977 Star Wars if you’re crazy enough to delete John Williams’ brassy music from it: Instead of a triumphal award ceremony, it becomes an awkward mime interrupted by sporadic coughing, an occasional strangled yell from the hairy humanoid alien Chewbacca, and tepid applause from a crowd of Rebel troopers.

Fans of the YouTube channel Auralnauts, which posted the doctored Star Wars scene in 2014 as a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the emotional power of Williams’ score, loved it for that weirdness. But another set of viewers—those with the rights to the movie’s soundtrack—tuned in to these sounds of silence and heard something else: the ka-ching of a cash register.

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Eight Lessons Entrepreneurs Don’t Want To Learn The Hard Way | Forbes

When you first start out running your own business, there are a ton of things to keep track of. Not only do you need to make sure there’s demand for what you’re offering, you need to worry about hiring the best staff and communicating what you’re doing to your customer base. You also need to make sure that you know when to follow your intuition and when you need to listen to sage advice —which isn’t always an easy task.

Members from Young Entrepreneur Council below share a few places where they misstepped and what they learned from it.

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U.S. Employers Add 209,000 Jobs in July, Unemployment Drops to 4.3 Percent | Inc.com

U.S. employers added 209,000 jobs in July, a second straight month of robust gains that underscore the economy’s vitality as it enters a ninth year of expansion.

The unemployment rate slipped to 4.3 percent from 4.4 percent, matching a 16-year low first reached in May, the Labor Department said Friday.

But growth in Americans’ paychecks — a persistent weak spot since the recovery began in June 2009 — remains stubbornly slow. Average hourly pay rose by 2.5 percent from a year earlier, the same tepid annual pace as in June. That’s below the 3.5 percent to 4 percent that is typical when the unemployment rate is this low.

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Stepping Up: How This Mother-Daughter Business Duo is Caring for their Future | Business News Daily

When my husband Jeff and I first came across Caring Transitions, we knew it was the perfect opportunity for us to leave the corporate world and start our own business. We were drawn to the company’s focus on helping the senior community, and saw the need for its services in the Dallas area.

We worked feverishly on building an amazing team to support the growing demand for senior services and our dreams of owning and operating our own company were coming to fruition. In the midst of our dreams, Jeff was diagnosed with cancer and lost his brave battle last year. It was almost serendipitous that my daughter Nicole stepped up to join me as co-owner of Caring Transitions of North Dallas Suburbs.

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