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Why Every Business Needs to Focus on Culture | PROFITguide.com

At Mirego headquarters in Quebec City, employees aren’t tied to their desks. They can choose to work in the company’s lounge, settled around a fireplace or to bring in their families and sit with their children, who can choose from boxes of games and toys.

It’s such a cool vibe that a few months ago, Mirego, which designs technological solutions for clients, produced a 200-page publication—a sort of arty company yearbook—filled with employee images, anecdotes and profiles.

It’s all part of president and CEO Albert Dang-Vu’s mission to soften the distinction between work and home. “We want to create a space that people want to go to every morning,” he says. It has worked: Dang-Vu reports an employee retention rate of close to 100% and says almost all new hires come through word of mouth or staff referrals.

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The 3 Skills You Need to Lead Organizational change | Page19

coffee-cup-designer-5251-777x550What happens when a culture is wrong? What does it take to change it? One thing’s for sure: you’ll need a deft leader. A new book by Roger Connors and Tom Smith, Change the Culture, Change the Game, tells how to effect cultural change within organizations.

You hear it all the time. Article after article, blog post after blog post talks about company culture or company DNA. These words were chosen because they represent something intrinsic and nigh-unchangeable. But what happens when culture is wrong? What happens when the DNA is bad?

Well, if you’re a species, you probably go extinct. Ouch. Obviously for a business, this is not an ideal result. So let’s say that you’ve identified a feature in your organization’s culture that needs to change. If it’s really in your culture—in your company DNA—it’s going to take more than a memo to change it.

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