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Empathy vs Sympathy: Are We Talking About The Same Thing? | Life Hack

In general, sympathy and empathy are often confused with one another. There is good reason for this too, primarily because both words deal with similar emotions and are derived from the Greek term páthos (which pertains to suffering and feeling). These words are also commonly ascribed to situations of sadness and mourning, as people try to identify with a particular group or individual that has been afflicted by tragedy.

Despite the similarities in terms of application and origin, however, there are core differences that separate the two words. Sympathy describes the feelings of compassion and pity that we may have for another person’s plight, for example, whereas empathy enables us to put ourselves in the shoes of those who are suffering and share directly in their sadness.

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How to Think Like Your Customer | Page 19

To make sound business decisions, you need empathy. Here’s how to get your employees to use it wisely and make it the coolest part of your company.

One of the biggest criticisms executives face is that they’re too removed from their customers’ needs and wants – and oftentimes, that’s a totally valid statement. After all, what do the analytical minds at a corporation like Jell-O have in common with the 5-year-olds who obsess over the colorful, wiggly product?

In Wired to Care, authors Dev Patnaik and Peter Mortensen discuss how empathy provides a connection to customers that helps generate new insights and greater success. When Jell-O experienced a drop in sales, executives spent hours poring over data to figure out why it happened. But the truth was, no trend report or market analysis could bring them the right answer – because none of them had eaten Jell-O in the past six months. That’s right: the cold, hard, jiggle-free truth was that they lacked the ability to put themselves in their customers’ shoes.

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