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What Does Poor Onboarding Really Do to Your Team? | Business News Daily

Getting your new hires started off on the right foot requires more than just offering them a quick tour of the office and sending them on their way. Giving employees the best chance at future success requires a successful and thorough onboarding program, according to new research from CareerBuilder.

Unfortunately, a number of employers aren’t taking those steps. The study found that 36 percent of organizations do not have a structured onboarding process in place.

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How To Create Successful Employees |Small Biz Trends

Imagine you hire some employees, show them to their workstations, and leave them to it. What do you think their chances of success would be? I’m thinking pretty low. And yet, this kind of thing happens every day.

Employers hire people mostly for skill set. With this practice can come the belief that the person is ready to roll on day one.

So, once they’ve filled out all of their paperwork and been shown where the bathrooms are they are let loose to do their job. The result is usually less than stellar performance and everyone ends up unhappy.

Hiring is the first step to future success. The second, and equally important, step is onboarding. Onboarding should include a couple of activities that set the new employee up for success.

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