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Young people are buying real estate — just not the same kind as their parents | Business Insider

Millennials and younger members of Gen X appear to be delaying the financial responsibility of homeownership.

But it’s hard to blame a group who watched the housing market skyrocket and plummet just as they were entering college or becoming young professionals gearing up to buy a starter home.

As the economy improved, and financial arrested development started to end, some 20- to 30-somethings have started to invest in real estate, but not in the traditional sense.

Many have turned to turnkey properties, which offer the opportunity to become a homeowner while adding another revenue stream to an investment portfolio.

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Weekly Economic Update | LAEDC

LAEDC BANNERThis Week’s Headlines:

Weekly Economic Update | LAEDC



Homeowners to receive up to $125,000 – money.cnn.com

NEW YORK CNNMoney — Homeowners who were victims of foreclosure abuses during 2009 and 2010 could receive more than $125,000 from lenders as part of an Independent Foreclosure Review that is being overseen by two government agencies.The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency OCC and the Federal Reserve laid out the framework in which borrowers will receive compensation for a wide range of foreclosure abuses and errors that occurred as a result of robo-signing.

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For sale: condos built in Kansas missile silos | Plog

Hall’s plans call for seven condo units priced at $2 million each, and, the report says, they will be the only homes in America that can survive a direct nuclear attack.

See companion article, “Anonymous Survival Guide for Citizens in a Revolution” – Ed.

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Lords of the shadow inventory | Dr. Housing Bubble Blog

Yet the market we currently have is really a large benefit to investment banks and the government with a smaller impact on the rest of Americans. At this point the banks and government are largely fused into one. The typical American is simply squeezed in the middle.

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A Sensible Housing Market? OC v. IE | Dr. Housing Bubble Blog

Our society is obsessed with the “monthly nut” like a squirrel running out onto the highway to get food only to miss the big rig barreling down on it.

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This is what $549K looks like in Culver City. – Ed.

Ben’s in a Bind | zero hedge

For the vast majority of American’s QE has been a dismal failure. Stock gains for the average guy were offset by losses in real estate. There was no wealth affect there.

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RealtyTrac’s Sharga: Banks still holding 70% of REO from market « HousingWire

The major kink in the housing market’s recovery, and for the macro economy overall, is the work left to be done on homes currently in the foreclosure process, those about to enter it and the amount of repossessed homes the banks must shed. Striking a proper balance on how to mange this shadow inventory of foreclosures is vital for the banks to show a healthy balance sheet while not dumping too many distressed properties onto the market, further dragging down home prices and values.

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Thanks to Victoria Kuo for bringing this article to our attention- Ed.