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How to Master the Two Key Parts of Your Online Presence | Entrepreneur

download (1)In his book Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars, Mitch Meyerson introduces you to 22 innovators who have redefined the developing landscape of online marketing. In this edited excerpt, contributing author and founder of Duct Tape Marketing John Jantsch explains why email is the key to building your online presence and what you should really be using social media for.

There’s a hierarchy in the world of building a total web presence for your business, and mastering things like Facebook and Pinterest fall somewhere far behind getting your email marketing machine oiled and ready for prime time.

One thousand responsive email followers trumps 25,000 Twitter followers every day when it comes to actually promoting the things that make your money. Focus on building a list of email subscribers that want to hear from you, and social media will become a tool set to help you do more of that. While this may sound shocking and hard to hear, you should ditch social media for now and focus on email marketing first.

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Stressed Out? Social Media May Help Women Cope | Live Science

Face it, ladies: your DIY projects rarely turn out like the ones you see on Pinterest, and your Facebook posts aren’t universally “liked.” But a new survey suggests that despite such woes, social networking is still good for you.

The survey found that women who frequently use social media, along with other technologies, to connect with friends and family report feeling less stressed than women who connect less often.

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5 PR Tips For Startups And Growing Brands Leveraging Social Media For Growth | Adrants

Social media transformed classic PR and is offering startups and growing brands endless new possibilities to drive traffic to their digital and physical storefronts. It sounds like the best of all worlds; blending new media with old media, right? Any startup has the ability to set up a Twitter account or Facebook page, yet you still must follow traditional public relations rules on these channels.

Issues may come up as businesses rely too heavily on social media at the expense of proven public relations strategies. All too often, we have seen first-hand during the dawn of social media the horrific (and hilarious) errors which were made as clients jumped in too fast.

Murray Newlands, along with Drew Hendricks, has authored a new book, How to get PR for your Startup: Traction which includes 5 guidelines for avoiding typical pitfalls.

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3 Overhyped Marketing Trends | Fast Company

It’s easy for entrepreneurs to get caught up in the hype of the latest trends in technology, mobile apps, social media, and the like. Many breakthroughs in these areas are indeed valuable for small businesses, particularly those that do all or most of their business online. However, much of what you hear on these fronts is hyped way out of proportion.

Sometimes, the person promoting the new trend has a vested interest. Just as often, people get enthusiastic about the latest bright and shiny thing. To help put this into perspective, here are a few overrated leading tech trends:

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  Wham, Bam, Thank you SPAM. #entrepreneurfail | Getentrepreneurial.com

As alluring as social media is, it is fleeting and many people never see the posts more than once if at all.

Email provides one of the highest conversions in online marketing because everyone checks their emails – even if only looking at the subject line, and it is always in their inbox until deletion. Catching folks on social media is hit-or- miss.

Unfortunately, the state of email marketing generally consists of the following:
Too much email
Not enough email
Unclear calls to action
Irrelevant information
Too selly sell

The way to combat the “Wham bam, fear of SPAM” blues, here are some tips and tricks to nurture your email subscribers, and not be an entrepreneur fail:

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8 Exciting Things Happening Right Now in Social Media | Allbusiness.com

March 2014 has proven to be another busy month for the world of social media. Whilst there hasn’t been a specific event to dominate headlines, several stories emerged which hint at the future of the industry. The implications for the business world are intriguing, and suggest creativity, and a degree of restraint, may form marketing campaigns of the future. What’s clear from certain stories is many businesses are attempting to quell growing fears of privacy concerns. For companies who rely heavily on online interaction, it’s a crucial stage to maintain customer faith.

Here are eight of the most intriguing moments, and how they could shape the future of the business world.

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Email Marketing: A Small Business Guide | BusinessNewsDaily.com

Newly Minted MoneyWith more than 1 billion email users worldwide, businesses are realizing email marketing is no longer something they can go without. Instead of spending their time filling a consumer’s physical mailbox, businesses now target inboxes instead.  Recent research shows that businesses are dedicating more money to email marketing than any other marketing strategy. From company newsletters to loyalty coupons, businesses are using email marketing in a variety of new ways to connect with their customers. For those just getting started with email marketing, there are a number of services that can provide the necessary software and tools to create and manage campaigns directly from your computer.

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