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How the Deficit Got This Big | NYTimes.com

Despite what antigovernment conservatives say, non-defense discretionary spending on areas like foreign aid, education and food safety was not a driving factor in creating the deficits. In fact, such spending, accounting for only 15 percent of the budget, has been basically flat as a share of the economy for decades. Cutting it simply will not fill the deficit hole.

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The Testimony of Simon Johnson | Congressional Oversight Committee

“…Powerful people at the heart of our financial system still have the incentive and ability to take on large amounts of reckless risk – through borrowing large amounts relative to their equity.

There is an insularity and arrogance to policymakers around capital requirements that is distinctly reminiscent of the Treasury-Fed-Wall Street consensus regarding derivatives in the late 1990s – i.e., officials are so convinced by the arguments of big banks that they dismiss out of hand any attempt to even open a serious debate.

Next time, when our largest banks get into trouble, they may be beyond “too big to fail”. As seen recently in Ireland, banks that are very big relative to an economy can become “too big to save” …

…what the Bank of England refers to as a doom loop“.

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Links to FedConnect and Federal Grants Sources

This is a little old, but still valuable…

Important Application Information for New Small Business Funding

Earlier today, our office sent you an email regarding yesterday’s announcement for $30 million in funding from the Recovery Act and FY 2010 budget appropriations which will be made available to qualified small businesses to support the commercialization of promising new technologies.

Qualified small businesses can submit applications through Grants.gov to be considered for award. Use the Grants.gov “Basic Search” feature to search for the Xlerator program. Questions relating to the content of the FOA must be submitted through the FedConnect portal at www.fedconnect.net. While there is not a direct link to the SBIR Phase III FOA, applicants can search for it by typing “DE-FOA-0000397” in the search box under the reference number search.

View Grants.gov here: http://www07.grants.gov/search/basic.do
View FedConnect here: https://www.fedconnect.net/FedConnect/PublicPages/PublicSearch/Public_Opportunities.aspx

Please note that only DOE Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) or Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Phase I and Phase II grantees from FY 2005 to FY 2009 are eligible to apply to this U.S. Department of Energy Phase III Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA).

For additional information please review the attached FOA for the DOE FY2010 Phase III Xlerator Program for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Electricity Delivery, Energy Reliability, Fossil Energy, and Nuclear Energy.

Small Business Dashboard | U.S. Department of Energy – Office of Economic Impact and Diversity

Transparency, Accuracy, and the Small Business Dashboard

With small businesses creating two out of every three net new jobs, holding more patents than the largest corporations and universities combined, and employing half of all working Americans, we can’t afford to ignore opportunities to improve and advance federal contracting opportunities to small businesses.

Today President Obama’s Interagency Task Force on Federal Contracting Opportunities for Small Businesses put forward thirteen recommendations to:

  • Develop clearer and more comprehensive small business contracting policies;
  • Provide for a better workforce and hold agencies accountable for meeting small business goals; and
  • Leverage technology to enhance transparency, increase federal procurement accessibility for small businesses, and improve data quality.

Transparency, Accuracy, and the Small Business Dashboard

Read the Executive Summary here.

Small business contracting goals, started in 1978, help agencies map out the percentage of annual prime contract spending that should be awarded to small businesses every year. The thirteen recommendations that the Interagency Task Force put forward today will address the gap between the annual government-wide goal for contracting and the actual annual prime contract spending. While the Department of Energy received an “A” grade for FY 2009 achievement from the Small Business Administration, we are fully committed to improving government-wide small business contracting.

The brand-new Small Business Dashboard is a reflection of this commitment. On the Small Business Dashboard visitors can see government-wide goaling information, design their own data feeds from small business data, perform detailed searches on government contractors, view top types of contracts used and states by vendor locations, and learn more about the contracts at each Federal agency.

Visit the Small Business Dashboard here.

The Department of Energy’s Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization is looking forward to working with the Task Force as we implement the recommendations put forward today and evaluate progress. We hope resources like the Small Business Dashboard prove useful to your small business, and we welcome the opportunity to continue talking with you.

Best Places to Launch a Small Business 2009 – Lending Hot Spots – FORTUNE Small Business

The link below has data on banks that have made loans through the SBA’s 7(a) small business loan program in the 2009 fiscal year.

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Find Out Where Your Money Goes! | An Occasional Series

I hear nonstop bitching from Democrats and Republicans and Independents about where all the bailout (or stimulus) money is going. This is one of those times in life where the more educated about reality you are, the better.

Click here to be taken to a map that shows which banks received TARP money. This is from the government website http://www.financialstability.gov. At whim or random, we will keep putting information from this site out because it’s important stuff. But really, you should become familiar with it so you at least know what the facts are (or ‘facts’ are, depending 0n your political affiliation).

You know how to tell when a politician is lying, right?

Statewide small business stimulus program heads to Riverside | Office of the Small Business Advocate

Business Matchmaking and SBDC team to help entrepreneurs access contracts
Statewide small business stimulus program heads to Riverside

SACRAMENTO — On Feb. 4 Riverside businesses will have the opportunity to participate in a free statewide program aimed at increasing small business readiness to access stimulus-funded contracts through President Obama’s Economic Recovery Plan.
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Small Business Toolkit | Office of the Small Business Advocate

If you’re interested in participating in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act projects but don’t how to find or apply for them, then the attached documents should help.

To read an overview brochure, click here.

To read a detailed PowerPoint presentation, click here.

Good Hunting!

Stimulus News Digest | Office of the Small Business Advocate

Highlights include:

Santa Rosa, County Due Millions in Stimulus Aid   –   $7.4MM

Forest Service Gets $185 Million to Expand Payroll in Region  –  $185MM

Workforce Investment Board Offers Free Employment Advice  –  $220K

Fiber Dominates Latest US Rural Broadband Stimulus Funds Release  –  $300MM

NIH Funding of Biomedical Innovation Is Creating Jobs, Fueling Industry  –  $10.5BN
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