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TV Is Losing Ground to the Internet Where It Really Counts | WIRED

AS A SPATE of new shows from Netflix and Amazon prove that some of the best television being made streams rather than airs, TV will take a financial hit. PwC’s annual five-year forecast for entertainment and media released today has revised downward the growth rate for ad spending on television. Last year, PwC predicted advertising would increase 5.5 percent annually over the next five years; now PwC says that rate will slow to just 4 percent annually through 2019.

And those are just the global figures. In the United States, TV ad spending is growing by just a little more than 3 percent annually on average. By contrast, spending jumped 5 percent between 2013 and 2014, the most recent years that PwC makes available.

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Actress sues over ‘Elly May Barbie’ doll | CNN.com

“She was a slice out of my own life. And of course ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’ was a story about the American Dream. No matter who tried to slicker us or take advantage of us, we always came out on top.”

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Why Charlie Sheen’s Legal Case Against CBS, WB Is Not So Crazy | THR, Esq.

Similarly, if the deal between WBTV and Sheen is “pay or play” — as Singer’s letter says it is — then Sheen will argue that bragging that he’s survived “banging seven-gram rocks” can’t be held against him. Indeed, Warners knew for years about Sheen’s behavior—including stints in rehab and an arrest on charges of attacking then-wife Brooke Mueller—but only acted after Sheen insulted Lorre, perhaps the studio’s top showrunner.

Gold says, “This was going on for a long time, so it can hardly be called a surprise.”

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Cable TV Is Doomed – Business | The Atlantic

The death of cable television would probably still be inevitable without the Federal Communications Commission’s national broadband plan, which aims to expand broadband Internet access to 90% of Americans and dramatically increase access speeds. But the measure, if it passes, will accelerate the demise of cable television as the standard method of consuming television. Now that Google is leading the way in developing Internet TV, the rise of this technology will come even faster.

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Bad Pitch: Weight-Loss Pitchman Trudeau Held In Criminal Contempt | JONATHAN TURLEY

…held infomercial pitchman Kevin Trudeau in contempt after Trudeau encouraged fans to write and call his chambers. The result was clogging the court’s email and phone system.

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More Advertisers Turning To Internet | Mike Sachoff

By Mike Sachoff – Thu, 07/23/2009 – 13:59

Relying less on print

The majority (92%) of advertisers are using Internet advertising in their media campaigns followed by print advertising at 88 percent, according to a new LinkedIn Research Network/Harris Poll.

At the same time, less than half are using radio advertising (46%), television advertising (46%) and mobile advertising (39%). The Harris poll found there is a regional difference as advertisers in the South are more likely to use radio advertising (57%) and television advertising (56%) while those in the West are least likely to use both (39% each).

Among those advertisers who are using each of these types of media, there is a difference in the level of usage since last year. Three-quarters of those who use Internet advertising (74%) say they are incorporating it more often while 69 percent of those who use mobile advertising are using it more often compared to a year ago. Unsurprisingly, the largest drop is with print advertising as half (49%) of those who use it are using it less often compared to a year ago while 41 percent are using it the same amount.
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