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Videos Your Small Business Must Have in the Coming Year | Small Biz Trends

Video is so important. Unfortunately, there are many business owners who feel that video is not for them or they simply haven’t taken the time to create them.

You can use your smartphone to do a simple video, buy a cheap video camera or invest in a professional one that might cost about $1,000 or so.

“The business benefits of using video to increase discovery, traffic, engagement and conversion are widely documented,” said Brad Jefferson, CEO of Animoto. “But we were curious about whether consumers actually find business videos helpful. The data shows that there’s a real power in business videos to help people make confident shopping decisions. Further, consumers develop a more positive impression of companies that use video and even find such companies to be more trustworthy. Businesses that don’t embrace video are overlooking a valuable way to reach their customers and will struggle to keep up with the competition.”

Read the press release from Animoto on small business video here. Animoto, says that small businesses must have three types of video:

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READ ME | Peter Mehit

We help people fix business problems . We design business structures for them. We help them secure funding and determine strategies for growth. All of these things have one thing in common: At some point, all of what is said is boiled down to words on paper. Needless to say, I do a lot of writing.

I work hard to keep things interesting. Since I can’t throw in a murder or other malfeasance to keep it interesting, I look at word choices. I try not to be repetitive.  Say something once, why say it again?

I block my writing in shorter paragraphs, since long ones tend to put people off. Shorter paragraphs are easier to skim, which is what most people do with business writing as they look for particular pieces of information.

Pictures do a lot to make writing easier to read. They’re little islands of distraction in a river of words. Serious journals dedicated to weighty matters rarely use pictures as they can indicate a bias on the part of the writer/publisher. But for most readers a thoughtful picture helps if it relates to the subject at hand. What doesn’t help is when I want to put four or five pictures on each page and use the words as filler.

As difficult as the writing process can be, it is also one of the most rewarding things you can do. But rewarding for whom? At a recent presentation on social media, I heard that 90% of future web content will be video. Why?

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Cable TV Is Doomed – Business | The Atlantic

The death of cable television would probably still be inevitable without the Federal Communications Commission’s national broadband plan, which aims to expand broadband Internet access to 90% of Americans and dramatically increase access speeds. But the measure, if it passes, will accelerate the demise of cable television as the standard method of consuming television. Now that Google is leading the way in developing Internet TV, the rise of this technology will come even faster.

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